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Personalised and Interactive VR Experience to enhance learning and teaching

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EduVenture-VR® Composer

Build your unique virtual classroom in minutes. Our simple, easy-to-use interface helps teachers create interactive VR content for any learning objectives. No coding required.



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Build the Best Virtual Classroom at the Lowest Cost

EduVenture-VR® provides a highly effective, accessible solution for educators to enhance learning motivation and performance by creating an interactive, immersive virtual learning space. To experience EduVenture-VR®, all you need is simply a mobile device and a VR cardboard goggle. A wide range of interactive scaffolds are available to support students’ inquiry learning in the VR environment.

Design Impactful VR Content with the Simplest System

EduVenture-VR® Composer empowers teachers to create their own VR content easily and confidently with its intuitive drag and drop interface. From a virtual tour, a treasure hunt to a small quiz, EduVenture-VR® can design all kinds of engaging and effective lessons, field trips and training to suit any learning needs.
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Automate Grading and Visualise Learning Data

EduVenture-VR® Retriever evaluates students’ learning performance and compiles their learning data for teachers to provide students with more personalised instructions. More importantly, the data helps teachers quickly identify which part of the lesson that requires adjustments.

Innovate Your Teaching Toward Excellence with EduVenture-VR®

400+ schools and organisations from Hong Kong and worldwide
50,000+  learners
using EduVenture-VR®
HK$60M+  grants
awarded to amplify the impact of EduVenture-VR®
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